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AH041 can answer you: How to maintain color consistency after a long working hours?

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This is a high power zoom led par light which equips 7PCSx40W high power 4in1 led lamps. 041 is many stage lighting designer’s best choice for stage, performance and other entertainment places. Single 40w 4in1 RGBW led, built-in program effect to color mixing, variable color chasing, strobing and fading, uniform RGBW color mixing system and rainbow effect create infinite motion, infinite color changes. However, it’s more than that.


Some lights are nothing special but he stand out in his class after through aging tested with a long time under the burning sun on the rooftop. Through years of continuous improvement and development, the color perfectly remains stable after a full day's running time, 041 is the best eyewitness of our efforts. The aging test is usually performed under conditions that simulate normal conditions. For fear to miss potential problems due to the lack of environment and time, we set more stringent conditions. It is to allow the product to age in a sun-exposed environment for a long time to increase the efficiency and stability of the product. Avoiding dark light, flashing, failure, intermittent light while using. We all believe that the AH041 series will bring us more surprises in the near future.


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