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Battery light is ready for the future.

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Dear all customers,

Considering Get Show 2023 is going to open again, I’d like to make a brief instruction of the latest progress of new products of ATON.

Three years is a long time, all steps seem to slow down, but ATON is keeping moving.

On this Get Show, we’ll bring these great new products for you.

Bar series:

Keeping searching for latest technology, we successfully find new solution on excellent output

and color mixing, slim body building. Most of all, better competitive price.

Except all above, you’d find more exciting highlits on the products.

Par series:

New powerful par is confirmed to be the leading of the field.

Excellent output and color mixing balance. It’s valued to be excepted.

Battery series:

Integrated excellent color mixing, easy to acquire and portable moving, several amzing battery products will be released on the Get Show.

IP series:

There’re also several new IP65 products with powerful function to be presented.

See you in Get Show 2023, waiting for your coming!


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