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Enhance communication, stimulate vitality] - A joyful chapter of corporate group building trip

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[Enhance communication, stimulate vitality] - A joyful chapter of corporate group building trip

From November 19th to 20th, 2023, our company staff and their families, spent an unforgettable group building activity in the Di Pai Hot Spring Forest Resort. This activity aims to enhance team cohesion and promote communication and cooperation among employees.




DAY1: All the staff departed from Guangzhou to Longmen County. Upon arrival, they first enjoyed a sumptuous lunch with local specialties. After lunch, the group building game session was officially opened. We challenged each level hand in hand and completed one task after another. In the process, we trusted each other and supported each other, which not only enhanced the tacit understanding between teams, but also felt the power of teamwork. At dinner time, we sat together, shared food and communicated with each other, which brought us closer to each other. The time after dinner was at our own disposal, everyone was enjoying this moment of tranquility and comfort, and the tiredness of everyone was swept away in the laughter.




DAY2: After breakfast, all the people went to Guifeng Mountain. Climbing along the winding mountain road, all the pressure was released at this moment after arriving at the top of the mountain. In the persimmon forest at the foot of the mountain, we picked the full and round persimmons with fresh color and tasted the gift of nature, and the laughter echoed in the forest. After lunch, all the staff with full of harvest, embarked on the journey back to Guangzhou.


The group building trip came to a successful end in a pleasant atmosphere, let us look forward to the next time we meet and create more good times together!


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