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Insist quality first and improve inspection process ensure product quality

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As a professional stage light manufacturer,ATON has always insist quality as the first standard for measuring product performance for many years:

When preparing materials in the early phase,we will strictly select whether the raw materials have passed the acceptance standards of the warehouse inspector.Materials that do not meet the warehousing standards and have defects will be returned and not allowed to flow into the production process.

During the production phase,workers will do second inspection for the received materials when they are taken out of the warehouse,and select materials that do not meet the standards during the processing to ensure that all components can be installed correctly and there will be no looseness or inability to fix them.At the same time,patrol inspectors will occasionally conduct spot checks to ensure that there are no errors in the processing steps.

Before assembly is completed,all lights will be placed on an aging rack for at least one day of aging testing.During this phase,all lights will undergo program and functional testing.All lights that are not in the correct working state will be checked and corrected.There will be waterproof test if this production is waterproof model,the 20%~30% production will be tested after aging testing.The testing time will vary depending on the waterproof level,at least 20 minutes.

After packaging,our patrol inspectors will still conduct the final round of testing——sampling inspection before shipment.Usually,10% to 20% of the entire order quantity for inspection.Multiple inspections are only auxiliary,and our pursuit of providing customers with first-class quality products is the foundation for establishing our brand image.


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