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New Pixel strobe Bar with Smart Glass Technology

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A novel design for LED strobe bar IP65, Simply set the menu,change the front glass into hazy or transparent output,replace the traditional plug-in filters,this is a more user-friendly and easier to create visual interests feature that allows for washing and dynamic strobe of linear elements on stage.

The RGB LEDs are divided into 12 sections while the Color White LEDs are divided into 12 sections,the creative programming with multiple effects.

360pcs 1W white led, 384pcs 0.5W RGB STROBE BAR Outdoor Wall Washer light, deliver amazing innovations of electronic atomizer,Ultra-high-speed strobe effect, Each LED controlled separately, DMX/RDM containing, Multidirectional splicing and Fast connection is recognized by market fleetly when it was lunched. It is already becoming the superior option for many professional lighting designers and exhibition technicians.

Our permanent mission is to continuously provide customers with innovation, AH019C is it was born to meet with the increasingly diverse needs of customers.

Wild Applications: With multiple lighting effects, the washer light bars are suitable for many occasions: bar, house party, KTV, theater, wedding scene, ballroom, disco, Halloween, Christmas, etc.


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