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Overview of GETshow 2023

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From May 8th to 11th, Guangzhou Artson Lighting Co., Ltd., the world's leading supplier of lighting products, participated in the 2023 Guangzhou (International) Performing Arts Equipment, Intelligent Sound and Light Products Technology Exhibition (GETshow).

     This year's GETshow focused on the latest technology, latest products and latest applications of lighting, audio and stage peripheral equipment at the forefront of the current international entertainment equipment industry. It is a grand event for the global entertainment equipment industry chain.

     Our company strives to show customers the latest research and development products, as well as gorgeous stage lighting control effects, attracting customers' attention, and they come to watch and consult stage lighting products, and take photos of lighting effects. During the exhibition, many new and old customers came to visit our products. Old customers mainly know about the newly developed products, their parameters and prices. What new customers mainly want to know is which products our company mainly produces, which products are the best and which are the actual effect demonstrations. Among them, AH019C is the product that attracts the most customers. Its design and lighting effects have won praise from many customers.

     Various high-quality products are placed on the display racks in the exhibition hall, which are divided into four areas according to the product series, namely: wall washer, battery light, par light, flood light. Take our company's AH019C as an example, this product has deeply attracted customers to consult with its unique appearance, excellent lighting effect and innovative technology. This product is suitable for more use scenarios such as stages and bars. The multi-way connector can meet the various splicing needs of users. In addition, there are popular new products such as battery lights, zoom lights, par lights, and wall washers.


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