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Preparation for the first and second day of the fair

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The GET SHOW, which opened in Guangzhou's Poly World Trade Center from May 8 to May 11, is a grand event full of passion and opportunity. Lighting practitioners from all over the world gather here. Exhibitors worked hard to show their new products to customers and win orders. Visitors choose their favorite products from the dazzling variety of new products, and bring our products to the world.


Our company brings many new products to show, the separate stage display lighting effect to attract a lot of customers. They walk into our booth to see our product design and lighting effect closely. They walk approach to our truss to study the installation and stitching of our lights. They watch, touch, and learn our lights. Many customers place sample orders or even bulk orders on the spot. After obtaining the information about our products, they can't wait to share it with their local customers.


Our booth is designed with a sense of science and technology and has a high-quality exhibition table full of products. The first thing to catch your sight is our battery lights, small products but excellent lighting effects, take our AB01 for example, is absolutely the most eye-catching new product. Stage, bar, and more use scenes are applicable, and multi-way connectors can meet the needs of users with a variety of stitching, and a high-quality ABS charging case to push the practicality of the product to a higher level. Other battery lights, like AB028, have already gained a lot of popularity from regular customers in the design and research stage before our exhibition, and also gained many new fans at the exhibition. Lights can be round, long strip, square and other shapes of stitching, there are DOME  and square filters for customers to choose from. In addition, there are quite popular strobe bars, zoom lights, par lights, wall washing lights, and other new products.

BP1A1970On the exterior wall of the exhibition area, there are two kinds of wall washing lights, which are our new product AH012 and our AH058 which has been selling w


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