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Will 2023 GET SHOW be an opportunity or a challenge for us after three years of silence?

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Since the second half of 2019, we've been working on getting new products ready for the 2022 GET SHOW, but a pandemic disrupted all our plans. When everyone thought the virus would disappear quickly, it forced its way into our lives for three years.

This situation Caught Many factories and enterprises losing their market share off guard. Of course, many of them stubbornly survived, including ATON. We have survived three years of COVID-19 and achieved great progress along the way. We are looking forward to having face-to-face communication with our customers again three years later to understand their needs more clearly, so we went to Europe for a road show to some countries in March.

In the past three years, in addition to maintaining old customers, we have also continuously expanded our R&D, production, and sales teams. We analyze and study market trends, diligently study new products, and help customers to seize market share and grow together with customers. I believe that for us, the upcoming GET SHOW in 2023 will be the acceptance testing of the results of three years of preparation, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. Looking forward to meeting you, my friends. Here we warmly welcome friends from all over the world to witness our assessment and participate in our exhibition.

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