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1024I console

200W Pattern lamp

200W warm white LED

200W Water pattern lamp

300W LED Profile Spotlight

300W Pattern lamp

30w Mini Led Profile Spot Light

4x100w Dmx Blinder Led

500W Pattern lamp

60w mini zoom ellipsoidal led

AB012 Battery Par

AB017 Battery Par System 3K

AB02 Battery color prince

AB03 Battery Color Kid

AB04C Battery Pixel Bar

AB06 Battery Typhoon Kid 7

AB09 Battery Bar

AH006C Four Par System 7

AH006F Four Par System 3

AH011C-16K Hex LED Bar 16K

AH011C-8K Hex LED Bar 8K

AH016 LED Touch Wash

AH016C Double Touch Wash

AH017D Street Bar

AH019 Color Band

AH019C Color Band

AH021 Zoom Baby

AH027 Slim Par 12

AH029 Slim Par 7


AH032D Quad Mini Studio Par

AH036 Color King

AH036D Double Color King

AH037 Color Kid

AH037D Double Color Kid

AH043A Pro Slimpar Hex 12

AH043C Pro Slimpar Hex 18

AH045A Mini Show Light

AH046A Mini Matrix Quad

AH046B Mini Matrix White

AH050A Matrix Bar RGBW

AH050C Sunrise

AH052 Zoom Lion

AH054A Zoom Kid

AH056B Typhoon Kid 7

AH058 Color Prince

AM011 Zoom Wash 37

AM012 Zoom Wash 19

AM013 Zoom Wash 7

AM014 Zoom Wash 4

AM015 Mini Spot 150

AM016 Mini Beam 100



Blinder 350 IP

Blinder 700 IP


Electric two-screen touch Tiger

Flight Case

HOT LED retro 6x60W effect lights strobe retro stage lights DJ background light concert wedding even

HOT professional LED retro strobe light 7pcs*60W LED Stage Light Matrix Light

Hot Sale Halogen 750W Retro Stage LED Strobe Light

LED Color Bar 70

LED Color Bar 70 RGBW

LED Color Bar 80 White

LED Fresnel Spotlight with Zoom


Mi light 2.4G Touch screen RF wireless Remote 5v 12v 24v RGB RGBW LED Dimmer Controller

Power Extension Cable IP65 1M 2M 3M 5M 10M

Quartz tiger cub

Signal Extension Cord IP65 1M 2M 3M 5M 10M

The Little Pearl

The second generation touches the tiger

Touch the tiger

Touch Wing

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