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ATON BATTERY LIGHT--Make your Thanksgiving guests say Wow!

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As Thanksgiving approaches, we are about to step into a wonderful time of family reunions and friends. Imagine a special holiday where friends and family gather around to share a sumptuous Thanksgiving meal. To make this moment even more memorable, ATON BATTERY LIGHT has prepared four types of battery-operated stage lights to make every meal a joyful color and every guest will feel the strong atmosphere of thanksgiving.

  With a wide range of color combinations and lighting effects, you can adjust the brightness and hue as you wish to create your own Thanksgiving atmosphere. For the perfect bright and colorful light, the RGBW 4IN 1 LED AB027 offers endless creative possibilities. If you want a foggy effect, the AB01A and AB01B colorful lamps will add color to your party photos, and most importantly, they can be freely combined and shaped into various shapes and sizes according to your unique ideas, which not only decorate your home, but also can be used as photo props to make your home the focal point of the holiday.

The four fixtures share the following outstanding features:

1.With lightweight design and simple installation, it makes it easy for you to create a cozy Thanksgiving home.

2.Built-in battery, no need for power supply, strong battery life, quick charging, up to 4-20 hours of use, so you can enjoy Thanksgiving night without worry.

3.Supports 2.4G remote control, wireless (use with a wireless box, such as AW01), and lumen radio functions, allowing you to change the atmosphere anytime, anywhere, providing more convenience and choices for Thanksgiving ambiance creation.

Are you ready for the holidays? Let ATON BATTERY LIGHT fixtures add a touch of warmth and cheer to your home. Act now and shop for creative battery-operated lights that will make your Thanksgiving even more enjoyable!


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