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Highly popular outdoor LED wash light- LumenRadio wireless solution

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The AH036 already becoming the preferred solution for many professional lighting designers and exhibition technicians,high output LEDs 44pcs* 20W 4 in 1 RGBW LEDs Outdoor LED Washer IP65, outdoor all-rounders for use on building façades, for theatre productions, or as effect lighting in the live sector,with 25°,45° and 60° x 10° beam angles,with magnet filter and barndoor easily install without mounting tools.From 2023 year,all projectors will be use LumenRadio wireless solution,it can be compatible with previous W-DMX,and we added full RDM functionality.LumenRadio wireless solution and RDM is especially handy for status reporting of fixtures or other connected devices and identification and classification of the connected devices in a DMX universe.

The advantage: It carries the functionalities of a wash light, a strobe light, a flood light, a spot light and a blinder with a non-fading continuous output, making it the perfect multi-purpose LED fixture. With Ip65 waterproof design it great products to suit any places use.  If you want to know more information about the products, please consult us. Our website is


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