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Unleash Vibrant Colors with AKKU COLOR PRINCE 27*3W RGB Battery-Powered Wall Wash Lights

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AKKU COLOR PRINCE is a sophisticated stage battery wall wash light that is lightweight and portable.Equipped with 27*3W RED+27*3W
GREEN+27*3W BLUE led beads, it can present colourful colors to meet the diversified needs of stage performances.
The total power of the lamp is 96W, energy-saving and efficient.The colour temperature range is between 2500K-10000K, and the PWM can be
selected from 600/1200/2400/4800/9600/15000(HZ), which can flexibly adjust the type of light to create different stage atmospheres.This light can
work for 2-3 hours under full power and 6-7 hours under auto mode to meet the demand of long time performance. It supports 4-5 hours of fast
charging, which effectively shortens the waiting time. Wireless control function, reception range up to 150-160m, users can choose Chinese or Lumen
radio wireless according to demand. In addition, it also supports 2.4G remote control for operation with a long distance of 60-80m.
Wide range of applicable scenarios, including outdoor advertising, stage performances, event parties, indoor and outdoor decorations, commercial
spaces, cultural facilities, public buildings and landscape lighting, etc. It is an ideal choice for all kinds of stage lighting. With its lightweight, high performance and rich functions, it will bring you stunning stage visual effects.
  • AB027B

  • ATON

LED expected lifetime50000H
Lightsource27*3W RED+27*3W GREEN+27*3W BLUE
Native lens options60*10°
Color Temperature (at full)2700K/3200K/3500K/4000K/4500K/5000K /5600K/6000K/6500K/7000K/7500K/8000K
LED PWM600 / 1200 / 2400 / 4800 / 9600 / 15000(HZ)
Color calibration0-255
Dimmer curveLinear/Square Law 1/Square Law 2/Square Law 3
Strobe0-20 Hz
Battery life360 times of charging and discharging
Battery charging time4 - 5h
Input voltage,nominal100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz
Max power consumption100.4 W
Constant power consumption70 W
Efficacy25.43 lm/W
DMX channels2/3/5/8/11 CH
DMX modes5
Protocol512 DMX
IR remote2.4G
IK ratingIK07
IP classIP65
Power InputDC 18V 5A
Net dimensions508*95*132 mm
Net weight3.64 kg

Introducing the AKKU COLOR PRINCE: A New Era in Lighting

Experience the brilliance of portable lighting with the AKKU COLOR PRINCE 27*3W RGB Battery-Powered Wall Wash Lights.  Designed for those who demand the best, this lighting solution is the epitome of innovation and versatility, offering a seamless blend of performance and portability.

AB027B 海报

Battery Operated Wall Wash Lights: Freedom to Illuminate

The freedom of wireless lighting is now at your fingertips with our Battery Operated Wall Wash Lights.  These lights are not just portable;  they are powerful, providing up to 81 LEDs in a single set, ensuring that every corner of your space is bathed in vibrant illumination.

AKKU COLOR PRINCE Lighting Solutions: Your Path to Creativity

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the AKKU COLOR PRINCE Lighting Solutions.  Each light set is crafted to meet the highest standards of durability and performance, making them the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

27*3W LED Wall Wash Light Set: Power in Every Beam

The 27*3W LED Wall Wash Light Set is not just about quantity;  it's about quality.  With each light boasting a powerful 3W output, this set is capable of producing a stunning wall of light that is both bright and evenly distributed.



Portable Event Lighting Equipment: Transform Any Space

Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand event, our Portable Event Lighting Equipment is designed to transform spaces effortlessly.  The ease of setup and the battery-powered design make it the perfect choice for event planners and decorators.

Red Green Blue LED Wall Lights: The Spectrum of Possibilities

The Red Green Blue LED Wall Lights offer a spectrum of colors that can be mixed and matched to create a personalized lighting scheme.  From serene blues to energetic reds, the possibilities are endless.

Wireless Color Changing Wall Lights: Instant Ambiance Adjustment

With our Wireless Color Changing Wall Lights, adjusting the ambiance of your event has never been easier.  Change colors on the fly to match the mood of the occasion without the hassle of manual adjustments.

Outdoor Battery Wall Wash Lights: Weather-Resistant Performance

Our lights are not just for indoor use;  they are also perfect for Outdoor Battery Wall Wash Lights.  Built to withstand various weather conditions, these lights ensure that your outdoor events shine just as brightly as indoor ones.

LED Lighting for Stage and Event: The Spotlight Awaits

Designed with the stage in mind, our LED Lighting for Stage and Event is ready to take center stage.  The high output and color versatility make it ideal for theatrical performances, concerts, and other stage events.

AKKU COLOR PRINCE 81 LED Wall Washer: A Symphony of Light

The AKKU COLOR PRINCE 81 LED Wall Washer is not just a lighting set;  it's a symphony of light that can elevate the visual impact of any space.  With 81 powerful LEDs working in harmony, it's the ultimate choice for those seeking to make a statement with their lighting.

Conclusion: The AKKU COLOR PRINCE - Your Lighting Partner

The AKKU COLOR PRINCE 27*3W RGB Battery-Powered Wall Wash Lights are more than just lights;  they are your partners in creating unforgettable visual experiences.  With their powerful performance, portable design, and endless color possibilities, they are the perfect addition to any lighting toolkit.  Step into the future of lighting with AKKU COLOR PRINCE and unleash the vibrant colors that will make your events truly shine.





Power cord

European double head






Power: 100W



2.4G controller

There is a controlled distance of

50 meters



Flight Case

Mobile multifunctional aviation case can be charged



Safety Wire

Attach the lamp to the bracket to ensure that the lamp will not fall




Wireless transmission box



1/4 Turn Fast Lock

Hanging upside down and fixed on the lamp stand

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