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1x20W RGBW 4in1 or RGB Amber + Lime+cyan 6in1 LED BATTERY DRAGON

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The ATON AB028 20W Single-Source LED,with battery and an IP66 outdoor rated par fixture featuring 1x20W RGBW 4in1 or RGB, Amber
+ Lime+cyan 6in1 LED,combining unique effects with a smooth and uniform dimming range can creative a programming with multiple
With a compact and lightweight case,unique and clever LED module design,Built-in Multiple splicing style.The fixture also provides a rich
variety of stunning automated programs for standalone or wireless master-and-slave operation. In addition to RDM and standard DMX
capability,for maximum versatility it boasts a built-in 2.4 GHz W-DMX™ transceiver by lumenradio for convenient wireless control,and direct
control via the app or 2.4G Bluetooth control, without additional hardware, allows for incredibly smooth and wireless operation.Magnetic
diffusers providing a choice of 25°, 45°, 60° x 10° beam angles and Multiple splicing are available as dedicated accessories.
With colour temperature, four selectable dimming curves and fully adjustable halogen lamp-like dimming response, the fixture is the perfect
tool for highly professional lighting.It is one of the best representatives of performance level.
Multidirectional splicing and Fast connection is recognized by market fleetly when it was lunched. It is already becoming the superior option
for many professional lighting designers and exhibition technicians. Our permanent mission is to continuously provide customers with
innovation, AB028 is it was born to meet with the increasingly diverse needs of customers.
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LED expected lifetime

50.000 hours


100 - 240V 50/60Hz


612x CW LED¥s (7000K), 680x RGB LED¥s

Color calibration

Overload protection with automatic recover

Native lens options

native, elliptical lens



Optional filters

selectable 800Hz, 1.200Hz, 2.000Hz, 3.600Hz, 12kHz, 25kHz

LED expected lifetime

50.000 hours

native, elliptical lens


Type of optical system

native, elliptical lens

Beam Angle


Maximum Field angles @ Full (10%)


Color options

Active, Forced Air, Temperature-regulated

Efficancy @ Full (max)

Efficancy @ Full (max)

Effective Projected Area



1.35 kg

IK rating

-40°C to 45°C

Battery Lifetime

70 % after 300 cycles


Automatic overtemperature protection

Net weight90-285V 50/60Hz

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